Model of the forestry intensive running

Development and use of new norms for improvement cutting planning

Use of new norms for improvement cutting planning provides:

  • determination of improvement cutting expediency from the silvicultural and economic point of view;
  • determination of sampling intensity with high accuracy for the planning way of cutting and selected reserve depending on the stratum characteristic;
  • terms setting for each way of thinning (from the first thinning to final cutting), the number of ways and possible volumes of sampling for particular stratum.

These norms permit to increase the yield of forest from one hectare and improve quality of spectrum production during intensive improvement cutting and thus provide maximum profitability of the forests use

Creation of the long-term model of the forestry fund lands dynamics forecast with volumes of forests use economic assessment

Creature of the long-term model of the forestry fund lands dynamics forecast is based on:

  • the analysis of development alternatives according to silvicultural and economic demands for each stratum per forestry cycle;
  • the analysis of activities cost and the cost of the wood received for each alternative;
  • consideration of improvement cutting commercial effect according to stems quality change and main stratum characteristics;
  • the choice of particular alternatives for each stratum on the basis of the whole forestry plan optimization.

Use of forestry fund lands dynamics forecast model provides maximum yield of the forests use.