Development and support of the implementation of forest greenhouse complexes projects


The design and development activity of the institute is a developed and tested system of artificial reforestation using innovative technical and technological solutions. The Institute carries out a number of scientific and practical works: from a preliminary assessment of the possibility of creating, to a complete design of a nursery at the construction stage, commissioning and adaptation of growing technology to climatic conditions.

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Chernov, M. V., Shapoval N. V., Stepchenko A. A., Vyrodova S. A. Seed coating as an element of technology for growing tree seedlings. // Proceedings of the Saint Petersburg Forestry Research Institute. - 2021. - No. 4. - P. 57–67. – ISSN 2079-6080. – DOI 10.21178/2079–6080.2021.4.57.

On December 8–10, 2021, Vologda hosted the XXVI International Forestry Forum and the international exhibition of machinery and equipment for the Russian forest complex, where the leading specialist N.V. Shapoval with the report "Improvement of technological processes in the cultivation of planting material with a closed root system."

On September 28–29, 2021, the 23rd St. Petersburg International Forest Industry Forum was held in St. Petersburg. Within the framework of the forum, the conference "Forestry" was held, the moderator of the conference and the author of the report "Design and operation of greenhouse complexes" was the deputy director of SPbFRI A.A. Stepchenko.

On July 7–9, 2021, a practice-oriented seminar “Production of planting material with a closed root system” was held in St. Petersburg on the basis of SPbFRI, which was held jointly with the All-Russian Institute for Advanced Training of Managers and Forestry Specialists. The seminar was attended by the head of the design department M.V. Chernov with the report “Technological equipment of greenhouses and hardening areas in forest nurseries” and the leading specialist of the design department N.V. Shapoval with the report "Technology of growing seedlings of coniferous species with a closed root system".

August 7-10, 2019 in Ustyany (Arkhangelsk region) the V championship "Lumberjack of the ΧΧӀ century" was held. As part of the championship, a round table was held on the basis of the Ustyansky timber industry complex on the topic "Production of planting material with a closed root system: technological and economic aspects of the construction of forest seed centers." Deputy Director A.A. Stepchenko with the report "Problems of design, construction and operation of greenhouse complexes for growing planting material with closed root system".

On June 26, 2019, a working meeting was held in Moscow on the basis of the Federal Forestry Agency on the placement of greenhouse complexes on the territory of the Russian Federation to ensure reforestation and afforestation with planting material with a closed root system. The meeting was attended by Deputy Director A.A. Stepchenko.