39th Session of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technical Advice of the UN FCCCВ took place in Warsaw

The night of the 18th of November, in Warsaw, saw the conclusion of the 39th session of the Subsidiary body on scientific and technical aspects of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that was held as part of the 19th Conference of UN FCCC Parties and 9th Meeting of Parties (MOP).

The negotiations that began in Poland are the first major step in the development and adoption in 2015 of the new global climate agreement that would encompass as many countries as possible and as much bulk greenhouse gas emissions. These ambitions of the countries are caused by the latest in the series of reports by International Expert Group on Climate Change that was published the day before. The text of the report reaffirms that human activity has been a major influence on the global warming that we have witnessed since the middle of 20th century. The warming of the atmosphere as well as the ocean, changes in the aquatic cycle, the decrease in the mass of snow and ice, rise of the global average sea level – have all been the result of human activity.

During current session of the Auxiliary body the parties managed to negotiate the text of the methodological instructions for activities connected to the reduction of emissions as a result of deforestation and deterioration of forests and the role of the preservation of forests, sustainable management of forests and the increase of carbon deposits in the forests of developing countries. Apart from that, the Parties continued to discuss issues connected to a broader based measurement of anthropogenic emissions from various sources and absorptions by absorbers in land-utilization sector, changes in land-utilization and forestry, including those achieved by a broader approach based on the types of activities or territorial approach.

Deputy Research Director of FBE “SpbFRI” A.V. Konstantinov participated in activities of the International Group.