The Editorial Board of the journal Proceedings of SPbFRI an open full-text access to selected articles, devoted to the problem of climate change

The journal Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Forestry Research Institute has been published since 1929 and presents an independent peer-reviewed scientific publication, which is intended for presentation of the original research results in the field of forestry, biological and economic sciences by researchers and professionals.

The journal covers the following areas of scientific knowledge: forestry and silviculture, forest inventory and forest management, forest cultures, genetics, selection and biotechnology, theory and practice of forest conservation and protection, biological basis of forest management, economy, strategic planning and management in forestry. In recent years, the journal publishes a significant number of articles on various aspects of forest management in the context of climate change.

Within the framework of the events of the All-Russian Week of Climate, the journal editorial board prepared a special compilation of articles published in the magazine since 2012 and reflecting the results of original scientific research on various aspects of the climate change problem, and also provided free access to the texts.

Since the activities of the climate week were aimed primarily at public awareness and attention to the problem of global climate change, the publication of research results of leading scientific teams will help to inform the scientific community and a wide range of readers about the latest scientific achievements in this field, undertaken and planned measures, as well as the results achieved.


  1. Potential changes in the growth of pine plantations in the Chernobyl accident zone under the influence of climate warming (Belov A. A.)
  2. Assessment of the changes in natural factors and their relationship to the processes of spruce forests degradation in the Istra River basin (Zhafyarov A.V., Sidorenkov V.M., Matafonov E.P.)
  3. Specific features of greenhouse gas emissions and sinks accounting for afforestation, deforestation and forest management within the framework of reporting under the Kyoto Protocol (V.N. Korotkov, А.А. Romanovskaya)
  4. Perfection of methods for predicting the forest pathological situation (Lyamtsev N.I.)
  5. Stock of wood detritus in pine plantations of South Karelia (Moshnikov S.A., Ananyev V.A.)
  6. The state of the generative sphere of Scots pine as a bioindicator of forest stability in the Central Black Earth region in connection with global climate change (Pardaeva E.Yu., Mashkina O.S., Kuznetsova N.F.)
  7. Inventory of the carbon budget in the forestry of Russia (Zamolodchikov D.G., Grabovsky V.I., Shulyak P.P.)
  8. The study and assessment of the dynamics of forest productivity in the Russian Federation during the period from 1961 to 2011 (Konstantinov A.V., Burtsev D.S.)
  9. Influence forest use volume on the carbon balance of the Russian forests (D.G. Zamolodchikov, V. I. Grabovsky, V. A. Kurtz)
  10. Methodology for assessing the vulnerability of the forestry sector in the context of climate change (Konstantinov A.V.)
  11. Review of the world experience of carbon conservation in existing forest reservoirs (Koroleva T.S., Shunkina E.A.)
  12. Quotas on emissions and the role of the forest sector in the national obligations of the Russian Federation from the standpoint of new climate agreement (Romanovskaya A.A., Federici S.)
  13. Dynamics of the forest-growing zones boundaries of Russia under conditions of climate change (Sergienko V.G.)
  14. Threats and socio-economic consequences of climate change for the forest sector (Koroleva T.S., Konstantinov A.V., Shunkina E.A.)
  15. Windfallen trees reserves in natural plantations of coniferous-broad-leaved forests of southern Primorye (Ivanov A.V., Prikhodko O.Yu., Demchenko R.V.)
  16. The role of the Paris Agreement for the forests of the world and Russia (Nemova V.I.)
  17. Forecast of the impact of climate change on the diversity of natural ecosystems and species of flora and fauna complexes of Russia's biota (Sergienko V.G., Konstantinov A.V.)
  18. Forest projects: climate changes and ecosystem services (Bobylev S.N., Stetsenko A.V.)
  19. The influence of climate change on the composition of forest stands, their sustainability and areals of the main forest-forming species (Grigorieva S.O., Konstantinov A.V., Shkolnik I.M.)
  20. Complex preventive management to ensure a balanced development of economic systems in conditions of transformation of external determinants (Morkovina S.S., Kolesnichenko E.A., Konstantinov A.V., Radyukova Y.Yu.)