Work team of SPbFRI took part in the Forum "Weather · Climate · Water / Remote Sensing of the Earth / Green Economy"

The events of the international forum and exhibition "Weather • Climate • Water / Remote Sensing of the Earth / Green Economy" were held on June 14-15, 2017 in St. Petersburg, in the  congress and exhibition complex "Expoforum".

The exhibition and forum are organized with the support of the Federal Service of Russia for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, the Federal Road Agency of Russia and the Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Ensuring Ecological Safety of St. Petersburg. This year they are confined to the Year of Ecology and the All-Russian Climate Week, held in Russia.

More than 50 Russian and international industrial and scientific organizations took part in the exhibition. They demonstrated the latest developments in the field of production of hydro-meteo devices, equipment for environmental monitoring and remote sensing of the Earth.  

Employees of the Institute took part in the All-Russian conference "Hydrometeorological and climatic maintenance of the economy, adaptation of the economy to climatic changes. New technologies for improving hydrometeorological services". During the discussions, there was noted a potential adverse impact of climate change on various sectors of the Russian economy, and attention was also focused on the imperfection of the regulatory framework preventing the development of an adequate adaptation policy.