Work team of SPbFRI took part in the conference "Forests of Russia: politicy, industry, science and education"

Work team of  SPbFRI took part in the II International Scientific and Technical Conference "Forests of Russia: Politics, Industry, Science, Education ", held from May 24 to May 26, 2017 at the St. Petersburg S.M. Kirov Forestry University.

A report on the assessment of the validity of different forest management and use strategies from a climate point of view was presented at the thematic section "The Impact of Climate Change and Other Stress Factors on Forest Ecosystems".

The authors of the report noted that forests play a decisive role in the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, while anthropogenic and natural disturbances (logging, windfalls, fires) are able to significantly change the rate of accumulation, carbon availability periods in various components of the forest ecosystem.

The choice and justification of strategies for forest management and forest use is one of the most important present-day  tasks facing the forestry complex. The rationale for an optimal strategy for forest management and forest growing should be considered, in particular, from the point of view of the performance of ecological and climatic functions by the forests.

The abstract of the report is available here.