SPbFRI employees took part in the event All Russian day of forest planting

Employees of  SPbFRI  took part in the central event of the action "All-Russian Forest Planting Day", which took place on May 20, 2017 in the Sosnovsky District Forestry of the Priozersky Forestry, the Leningrad Region. Efforts of employees of federal and regional government bodies, forestry workers, public, scientific and forestry organizations, residents of the Leningrad region resulted in planting about 20.0 thousand pine seedlings in the area of 9 hectares.

The action "All-Russian Forest Planting Day" has been held by the Federal Forestry Agency for already the seventh time Over the years of the action, more than 12.8 million people took part in it, over 212 million trees were planted.

This year the action is held jointly with the events of the All-Russian Climate Week aimed at broadening the public awareness and drawing attention to the problem of global climate change. It is well known that reforestation and afforestation are the most effective methods of combating climate change, based on the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere by the trees and transferring it to form, when it can no longer cause a greenhouse effect. The forest stores carbon in plant biomass, dead wood of dead standing and fallen trees, in forest litter and soil humus.