Employees of SPbFRI took part in the Spring Biofuel Congress

On March 14-15, 2017, a spring biofuel congress was held in St. Petersburg organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Federal Forestry Agency.

More than 40 invited speakers from Russia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, Lithuania (leading experts of the industry, experts, entrepreneurs, investors, equipment suppliers, buyers and sellers of fuel pellets and briquettes) took part in the event.

The delegation of the Federal Forestry Agency in the Congress was attended by: Doronin Mikhail Sergeyevich - Head of the Forestry Use and Reforestation Department of the Federal Forestry Agency, Vasilyev Igor Anatolyevich - Director of the  SPbFRI and Vasilyev Oleg Igorevich - Head of the Economic Research Department. 

The purpose of the congress is to acquaint participants with up-to-date information about the biotrade market, its development directions, technologies, theory and practice of doing business in this industry.

The Congress was opened by the plenary session "The Biofuel Industry of Russia in 2017", at which Doronin Mikhail Sergeyevich, the Head of the Forestry Use and Reforestation Department of the Federal Forestry Agency, made a presentation on "Prospects for Providing Bioenergy Production Facilities with Raw Materials in Conditions of Increasing Competition on Forest Resources".

О.I. Vasilyev made a presentation on the "Analysis of energy development programs in the regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation" at a meeting of working groups of the Expert Council of the Strategic Partnership "North-West" on the development of the forest complex of the North-West Federal District and on the development of the Arctic zone of the NWFD on the use of biofuels in the Arctic zone.