Congratulations on the International Day of Forests!

Dear colleagues!

On March 21 the whole world celebrates the International Day of Forests. The initiator of its celebration was the European Confederation of Agriculture, and the UN General Assembly confirmed the official status of this day. In our country All-Russian Day of knowledge about the forest  is held to this day from 2013.

2016 officially declared the Federal Forestry Agency of forests a year. This will attract public attention to the issues of the restoration and enhancement of forest resources and education of careful attitude to the Russian forest.  Because the forests are the the national wealth of Russia, which accounts for almost a fifth of the area of ​​the world's forests and about the same part of the world's reserves of wood. This determines the global importance of forests for the country not only as a source of valuable raw materials, but also as an important component of the biosphere that largely determines the conditions of life on Earth.

Our congratulations to all those who have tirelessly contributed to the importance and value of forests and the preservation of knowledge about them!