The Federal Budgetary Establishment “Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute” has developed a draft concept for the intensification of use and regeneration of forests

At a meeting with the head of the Federal Forestry Agency of I.V. Valentik employees of the Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute presented for discussion their draft concept, developed at the institute for the intensification of use and regeneration of forests.

The head of the research department of forestry and forest management B.D. Romaniuk when speaking on the report "Study of the Key provisions of the concept of intensification of forest management and its feasibility," said that the intensive model of forest management is based on the systematic care of the growing forest. This allows for the maintenance of the  forest stand at maximum growth and dramatically improves the quality and commodity structure of the forests, which in turn allows for the achievement of a high economic efficiency within the forestry sector as well as the increase in the total volume of the raw materials. As a result, the intensification of forestry contributes to the economic, ecological and social development of the territories.

The decision to approve the above-mentioned concept was taken at the meeting it has been submitted for broad public discussion.