Living earth in the Luga Forestry

Дополнительная информация: 

For the third year running the selection and seed-growing center has been successfully functioning in the Luga Forestry. The ball-rooted seed piece is cultivated there. The center was put into operation in 2011 and its activity had already been fructifying by its opening thanks to experts of  the FBE “SPbFRI”. Cooperation of the Center with the FBE “SPbFRI” is carried out in several directions: in the field of forest renewal, methodical recommendations and standards working out and also design and equipment supplies for processes automation of seedlings cultivation.

The center’s design capacity is about 8 million seedlings per year which have a number of advantages in comparison with the seed piece cultivated in the open ground. In the summer of 2015 the center is planning installations modernization to drive more productivity, staff working convenience improvement and processes optimization. You will learn this and many other kinds of things in the plot "Living Earth in the Luga Forestry" of the LOT TV channel.