The head of the FBE “SPbFRI” I.A. Vasilyev about forest science renewal in a plot of TKT TV channel

Дополнительная информация: 

The forest science which went through difficult times in the nineties strenuously makes up for positions coming up to an essentially new activity level.

In interview for the TKT Petersburg TV channel the head of the FBE “SPbFRI” Igor Vasilyev told in detail about various innovations and development in the forest science and industry. 

Among the topics variety there were such questions as innovations in the field of forest fires extinguishing, rainmaking technologies, making of unified universal institute laboratory base which is going to start functioning at the end of 2014. 

During the conversation Igor Anatolyevich also pointed out at the importance of recent graduates and scientists involvement to the field of forestry. 

Going the extra mile the FBE “SPbFRI” continues to develop and progress offering innovative solutions aimed at the forestry development and the obtained results preservation.