The seminar devoted to the influence of climate change on forestry was held recently in Geneva

From the 11th to 12th of November an international seminar devoted to the influence of climate change on forestry was held in Geneva, organized by the Forestry Secretariat of the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe and FAO.

The goal of the Seminar was identification of factors connected to current and expected climate changes that directly influence the forestry activity. These factors create specific working conditions in forests (high temperatures, excessive dampness of soils), shorten and shift lumbering periods, reduce the volume of lumber, increase risks of the deterioration of forests due to extreme non-biological factors (forest fires, windfall) as well as pest outbreaks and spread of diseases.

Issues connected to adaptation of technological procedures in the forest to changing climatic conditions were discussed, as well as those of lumbering personnel labour organization (including issues of labour routine, equipment, alimentation, health and security) and the possibility to consider climate factors in machine building for forestry. Besides, the participants of the seminar noticed the need to implement climate change scenarios to the system of business planning for forest users. The field excursion demonstrated practical examples of possibilities for adaptation of forest management to current and future climate changes. Recommendations were laid down by the participants, the former later to be considered during the plenary meeting of joint session of FAO / UN EC’s Forestry Committee and the European Forest Week.

Deputy Research Director of FBE “SpbFRI” A.V. Konstantinov participated in the Seminar.