Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute organized the II Research and Practice Conference for young scientists “Krona-2014″

Дополнительная информация: 

On 21 March 2014 the II Research and Practice Conference for young scientists “Krona-2014″ took place in Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute. The event was on the occasion of “All-Russian Day of Forest Knowledge” and “International Day of Forests” declared by UN General Assembly.

The annual conference for young scientists is intended for small number of participants that enables each to present a paper on research issue. The event subject matter covers different areas such as forest bioenergetics, biotechnology of forest organisms, global climate change, information technologies, optimization and automation of forest management process and etc.

Graduate students, magistrands, postgraduates and young scientists of Saint-Petersburg institutes of higher education, Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute, regional higher schools and RAS research institutes. Interesting reports have been made, topical issues of forestry and related branches were discussed in the course of the conference.

“Holding the Scientific and Practical Conference for young scientists “Krona” has become a good tradition for our institute, – says Artyom Konstantinov, Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute Deputy Director for Science. – We hold an interest in work with young scientists and hope that our cooperation will be developed and benefit for the Russian science”.

Online broadcasting through Institute official web-site was organized for all the participants who failed to take part in the conference. One of the regional participants presented a paper by the visual communication. All the speakers got participant certificates and souvenirs.