Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute management takes part in Arkhangelsk Forestry Forum–2014

Igor A. Vasilyev, Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute Director and Alexander A. Steptchenko, Deputy Director for Regional Development participate in the main business event of the year concerning the field of forestry: Arkhangelsk Forestry Forum–2014. Alexander A. Steptchenko will make a report on the subject “New Technologies and Equipment for Forestry Needs” on the first day of the event in the plenary session.

Igor A. Vasilyev will make a presentation on the topic of “Principal Constituents of Scientific Institution Innovation Management” on the round table “Forestry System Research Innovation Support” on the final day of the event.

Arkhangelsk Forestry Forum–2014 is held in Arkhangelsk 2 – 4 April 2014. The main forum subjects are normative legal regulation in the sphere of relations in the forestry; educational and research activities in the interests of forestry.

Organizers of the forum events: Arkhangelsk Branch of World-Wide Fund for Nature, FLEG II (ENPI Vostok) Programme, World Bank, “John Deere”, “Forest Centre”, “Komatsu Forest Russia”, “Business-Media” Publishing House, Arkhangelsk Branch of “Roslesinforg” FGUP, “Northern Forestry Research Institute” FBU. The Arkhangelsk Forestry Forum is carried out with the assistance of Federal Forestry Agency.