Борьба с лесными пожарами

Forest fire control suppression

Fighting forest fires is one of the most pressing social and environmental problems, solution of which is devoted to research scientists of institute.

Main scientific directions

  • Development, testing, and approbation of new fire extinguishing compositions, and new equipment for fight forest fires land and air using
  • Conduct laboratory and field testing of fire extinguishing and flame retardants and technical resources
  • Develop methodical recommendations and testing of application technologies for use fire extinguishing compositions of ground and air applications

Results of research and development

  • Development and introduction in practice forest fire protection number fire extinguishing compositions for air and ground applications, with wetting, fire retardant and foaming properties
  • Development of technical task, programs and methodologies for all phases of ground and flight tests
  • Helicopter high-pressure equipment with foam generator to create from air foam barrage strips
  • Inside fuselage of helicopter dosed supply of fire extinguishing chemical compounds to overflow device VSU-5A
  • New foam “Fayreks” for fighting forest fires (together with JSC “Ivhimprom” Ivanovo)

Helicopter technology of localization forest fires

Laboratory Specialists of forest pyrology SPbFRI designed helicopter drain equipment with device of dosed supply to liquid fire extinguishing compositions.

Equipment is designed for installation from helicopter fire barrier and fire extinguishing support bars with solutions of chemical compounds.

Indispensable in fighting forest fire in area of aviation protection of forests: distant forest areas with poorly developed infrastructure, impassable for heavy ground forest fire equipment, mountain areas and areas remote from water sources.

Krasnoyarsk Scientific Laboratory FBU SPbFRI

Laboratory is designed for solution of problems applied sciences of forestry in the Siberian, Ural and Far Eastern Federal Districts.

Laboratory is working on:

  • Develop recommendations for protection of forests from fires to train and equip fire department sand specialists of management level
  • Develop recommendations for detection and suppression forest fires
  • Development of modern organizational and technological solutions for complex devices forest fire and planning fighting measures
  • Development of practical recommendations for use of unmanned aerial vehicles to detect forest fires
  • Development of new machines and mechanisms for preventing and extinguishing forest fires