For the second year running the FBE "SPbFRI" together with the Committee of Natural Resources has been carrying out children's ecological expeditions in a base point in the village Kurba of the Podporozhsky region of the Leningrad region.

The expeditions program consisting of sports, creative and also research activities held by experts of the FBE "SPbFRI" serves to increase the children’s knowledge level of botany, forestry, silvics and even ethnology. Following the results of expedition scientific conference is held where participants can present the results of their researches.

The VII International forum "Forest and People" commenced with official support of the Russian Federation Government in the Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre" in Moscow on October 20 where the staff members of the FBE "SPbFRI" participated. Within the frames of the forum there was the 15th international exhibition "LESDREVMASh — 2014" where the SPbFRI presented the development in the field of forest protection from the fires by means of video monitoring system and pilotless air vehicles of helicopter type. Institute design development in the field of regeneration was also presented. 

On October 1 within the frames of the official part of reception on the occasion of the VII Petersburg international innovative forum opening the awards ceremony of winners of the Best Innovative Projects Competition in the sphere of science and higher education in St. Petersburg in 2014 took place.

The XVI Petersburg International Forest Industry Forum "Russian Forest Week" took place in St. Petersburg during the period from September 30 to October 1, 2014.

The forum was supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Federal Forestry Agency, the RAO Bumprom, the World Wide Fund for Nature of Russia. 

The head of the FBE "SPbFRI" I.A. Vasilyev took part in the work of jury in the XI International junior forest competition which took place in St. Petersburg on September 8-12. The FBE "SPbFRI" rendered assistance in arranging organizational and technical actions of this international children's forest forum.

The meeting of the Russian-Swedish expert working group in the field of forestry took place at FBE "SPbFRI" on September 10, 2014. The meeting was devoted to preparation an actions plan of the priority directions of the Russian-Swedish cooperation. 

Dear colleagues and readers!

On the site of the FBE “SPbFRI” in the section devoted to the "Works of the St. Petersburg Forestry Research Institute" journal you can study the short electronic version of the latest issue. 

The cover story of the issue is devoted to the theoretical understanding of the current innovative process in the crucial forest sector sphere– forest renewal.

New technical developments of the Federal State-Funded Institution FBE “SPbFRI” approved themselves in regions whilst planting forest ball-rooted crops of pine and spruce.

During the planting works two modifications of the Universal planting device SPbFRI— PD-01– to form a planting point for ball-rooted seedlings on clay and light sandy soils were tested. It is important that the device can be quickly recustomized for use on different types of soils by means of replaceable cylindrical nozzles.

For the third year running the selection and seed-growing center has been successfully functioning in the Luga Forestry. The ball-rooted seed piece is cultivated there. The center was put into operation in 2011 and its activity had already been fructifying by its opening thanks to experts of  the FBE “SPbFRI”.

The forest science which went through difficult times in the nineties strenuously makes up for positions coming up to an essentially new activity level.

In interview for the TKT Petersburg TV channel the head of the FBE “SPbFRI” Igor Vasilyev told in detail about various innovations and development in the forest science and industry.